Breaker of Iniquity Is Now Available!

February 1, 2019

Breaker of Iniquity by Christopher Mitchell is available for download from your favorite online book sellers. Print versions will be available soon!

After standing up for a stranger in an online game the other players killed him for it… over and over again. They killed him two-hundred-and-thirteen times, as a joke. Edward might have been able to live with that, but everything in him changes when one of his bullies tricks the police into putting a gun to his head. Broken, and no longer able to cope, Edward creates, and then becomes, Absolute Iniquity; committing acts of revenge online and in the real world. As the lines blur between reality and fiction, vengeance and justice, he becomes hellbent on showing both worlds what their sins have created.
Breaker of Iniquity is a wondrous ride through the eyes of a young man who has made a fully immersive online world his home. Edward Bauer is an avid player of Breaker Online, a massively multiplayer online medieval fantasy game where swords and sorcery combine. After cleaving a man in half with his greatsword, and standing up to the leader of the server’s most powerful guild, Edward’s rune mage becomes subject to endless torment. In this revenge fantasy the cruel joke of his online bullies, coupled with an unlivable life at school and home, drives him to show them all that one’s passion can become far more than just a game.

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